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Olive Wood Dog Chew Toy

Olive Wood Dog Chew Toy

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$7.50 - $40.00

Olive Wood Chew Toys for Dogs are sustainably hand harvested from the Coastal Mountain Forests along the Mediterranean Sea.  This 100% natural and untreated Olive Wood is Unique as it does not splinter like other woods.  Instead, it will gradually grate into small rubbery fibers that promote good dental health by mechanically cleaning the teeth as your dog chews.  Any soft fibers tht are swallowed will pass safely through the digestive system without harm.

Extremely Durable and an excellent alternative to bones, horns, or rawhide.  Depending on the intesity of your dog's Chewing, it can be enjoyed for several months before needing to be replaced.

Size Selection:

Mini: For Dogs up to 15 pounds

Small: For dogs 15 to 20 pounds

Medium: For dogs 20 to 60 pounds

Large: For dogs 40 to 80 pounds

Xtra Large: For dogs 60 to 100 pounds

Giant: For the Biggest Dogs!

*Please note: The Chew Toys in the pictures are examples.  You will receive a similar Chew Toy that will slightly differ in physical appearance.

Instructions & Precautions:
It is important, as with all Dog Chew Toys, that the chew is only used under direct supervision, and it should be replaced before it is small enough for your pet to swallow.  Small ruberlike fibers will grate away from the Olive Wood Chew toy and are harmless if ingested.  Rarely, a small piece of the chew may break off.  If this happens, discard any pieces small enough to fit entirely inside the dog's mouth.
Consult your Vet if substantial pieces are swallowed.  Although uncommon, tanins that occur naturally in all woods may cause discoloration of light colored fabrics when wet.  It is best to avoid contact with light colored carpet, furniture, and other fabrics while your dog chews.

Price is for one Chew Toy